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The Right to Life

Andy Shaw believes that every human life, from conception to natural death, should receive full legal protection under the law. He supports the landmark Women’s Right-to-Know Law requiring medical professionals to inform pregnant women of their right to view an ultrasound. The measure is expected to receive consideration from the State Senate this year. Andy strongly supports ending all taxpayer funding of abortion and believes programs like Pennsylvania’s Alternatives to Abortion Program should continue to focus on promoting compassionate alternatives and informed choices for women. As a State Senator, Andy Shaw will be a leader in the pro-life cause, and will support every effort to defend all innocent life.

Andy has received the 2012 “Recommended” rating by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

Public Service, Public Trust

Andy Shaw understands public service is a temporary trust. He believes election to public office shouldn’t yield lifelong financial rewards and benefits. As a member of the State Senate, Andy will decline a public pension and advocate for significant, structural changes to the state retirement system.

Taxes & Spending

As a member of the State Senate, Andy Shaw will oppose any increase in taxes. As Pennsylvania’s pension obligations continue to rise because of poor legislative decision-making and underperforming investments, taxpayers are left with an unsustainable obligation. Combined with major spikes in corrections, welfare and public debt obligations, Andy believes Pennsylvania is an on unsustainable course.

  • ON PENSIONS | Andy Shaw supports changes to the State pension system requiring future hires to enroll in a defined contribution pension system, instead of the current “defined benefit” approach. This would shift much of the responsibility for future costs from taxpayers to the beneficiary.
  • ON FUTURE SPENDING | Andy supports a Taxpayer Protection Amendment, which if enacted, would limit State spending to the rate of inflation and population growth. This approach would tie spending levels to real economic activity.
  • ON FUTURE DEBT | Andy will oppose massive infusions of future spending based on borrowing. Under the Rendell Administration the increase in debt levels soared to record levels, putting the annual obligations to $1billion dollars.
  • ON CORRECTIONS | Andy believes that spending $35,000 annually per prisoner, and continuing a major state prison construction program will not solve Pennsylvania’s corrections crisis. While strongly supportive of incarceration for violent and repeat offenders, he supports exploring a wide range of successful faith-based alternative sentencing approaches for non-violent offenders.
  • ON WELFARE REFORM | Andy supports Governor Corbett’s emergency reforms of Pennsylvania’s public welfare system. While mending the safety net begins with immediate, cost-cutting measures in this year’s budget plan, he believes Republicans must offer a bigger vision which moves citizens from a position of dependance on government to work with dignity.

On Traditional Marriage

Andy Shaw opposes efforts by judges and political leaders in both parties to redefine marriage. He is a strong supporter of the Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment, which offers permanent, legal protection for marriage as “the union of man and woman.” While Andy strongly opposes discrimination against any citizen, he believes that marriage remains the best environment for raising children and the foundation for strong, economically vibrant communities.

The Second Amendment

As an avid hunter and member of the National Rifle Association, Andy opposes any effort to limit or restrict constitutionally protected gun rights. As a member of the Senate, he will be a vocal, uncompromising advocate for 2nd Amendment freedoms.

The Tenth Amendment

Andy Shaw believes the 10th Amendment offers an essential wall of protection between Pennsylvania and an overreaching federal government. As a member of the State Senate, he will be a vigilant defender of the State’s right to oppose and repeal unconstitutional decisions like Obamacare, and other mandates restricting the rights of citizens.

Gambling Expansion

As a private citizen, Andy Shaw was opposed to Ed Rendell’s failed plan to provide property tax relief through expanding gambling. As the State House and Senate consider an increasing number of proposals to legalize and tax new forms of gambling, Andy will continue his opposition to any effort to fund public priorities with unstable gambling dollars. Additionally, he opposes any effort to expand gambling within Central Pennsylvania, specifically on or near the historic Gettysburg Battlefield.

School Reform

Andy believes parents and local communities will always serve children’s needs better than education “professionals” in Washington and Harrisburg. As a member of the State Senate, Andy will support 21st Century reforms that move the focus from funding and protecting systems and buildings, to one aimed at truly educating children. Andy strongly supports Governor Tom Corbett’s wide-ranging plan to rescue tens of thousands of students from violent, underperforming and failing schools through Opportunity Scholarships. He also supports a major expansion of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit to give lower and middle income families the opportunity to experience a world-class education.